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Atlântico Sul Shipyard has a commitment in transforming the social reality of Brazil, particularly the one from the Northeast and from Pernambuco, in order to build a more equitable society, in which all are respected as equal citizens and have access to education and employment.  Such a compromise starts with the creation of 5.000 direct and another 25.000 indirect job posts that will impact enormously the labor market in the metropolitan area of Recife, one of the regions of greatest growth of Brazil’s Northeast.

Residents of deprived communities of the five municipalities in the vicinity of the Suape Complex - Ipojuca, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Moreno, and Escada- have been benefited with opportunities and income through the 2.8 thousand direct jobs created by the first industrial operation stage of the undertaking. This is just one of the actions that demonstrate the citizen enterprise attitude of Atlântico Sul Shipyard.

The following are some of the Social Responsibility initiatives implemented by the Shipyard: the construction of the “Birthplace of Talents” skill development school, the achievement of the Tatuoca Island Adult Literacy Program, the implantation of the Francisco C. E. Vasconcelos Training Center and the Housing Program.

Tatuoca Program


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